Prairie Street Art

Hopefully you will find some unique images. Perfect for your office or home. These are only available here. Mostly my work but when I find an image you might like, I will add it to this site.

All of these images can be printed as a normal photographic print or in some cases they are all ready available as a limited edition geclee print. Beautifully reproduce on water color paper or canvas. Contact me for your special requirements.

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Limited Edition on water color paper. The iconic Ebbets Field last year 1957

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Photographic print to your
custom size.
Billie Holiday at the Newport Jazz Festival 1957

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Limited Edition on water color paper. Two sizes. Email for info.

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A charming little story on how we should learn to all be friends. To enjoy every day and look forward to meeting new people and appreciating their frendship. A nice little lesson for children and beautifully illustrated to be entertaining for young readers.  Something your child can keep as the book is a quality piece and can be passed on to future siblings or kept as a special memento.
Hardcover $16.95 shipping $2.50
I will sign the book for you.

A perfect bed time story.

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